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After debating a few days on what topic I wanted to open this blog with, I decided to hit on a little bit of everything; you know, a little something for everyone. We’ll start here at home and travel around the world picking up on current news and happenings that affect us all.

United States:

Indeed, there’s a lot to talk about in the U.S. today. Just a cursory check of CNN or Fox News, and it’s pretty evident that there’s no shortage of news. We’ll start here, a story posted on CNN’s website about new practices on college campus regarding orientation. Apparently, many colleges and universities see a real need to advise incoming students about the dangers of posting personal information on the internet. Honestly, I really don’t see why it’s even an issue. Anyone with half a brain can tell you that posting really personal stuff on any website, whether it claims to be “secure” or not, is generally not a good idea.

Why then are universities devoting at least part of their time telling students “Don’t go posting bad things about your professors on Myspace, or it may cost you”? Some colleges have even gone so far as to ban their athletes from having Facebook accounts. Really, people, if you’re that worried about Myspace and Facebook, block them from your servers on campus. Sure, you’ll probably gonna suffer through countless emails from (rightly) outraged students, bad media coverage, and probably a lawsuite or two for blocking first amendment rights, but at least you’ll make the old guy who signs your paycheck happy, right? Let’s, for right now, forget the fact that many of the people making these decisions wouldn’t know a LCD from stick of RAM if they both fell into their laps.

It’s always been the case that the older generation really didn’t understand the younger generation. Back when the “resident old guy on campus” was our age, his parents really didn’t see the need, nor like very much, the music of Elvis, The Beetles, or Buddy Holly. Now these people nothing less than gods in the minds and hearts of fans world-wide. The same is true with technology. The telephone revolutionized how we communicate with each other. It started the faceless revolution; no longer did we have to sit down, face to face, to exchange ideas, stories, and conversation. Now the sounds of our voices traveled on eletrical lines over miles and miles. Even the sacred hand-written letter, now known as snail mail, has been reduced to 0110 language of computers and keyboards. Videotapes have given way to DVD’s, tapes to CD’s, and CD’s to MP3’s. You can watch a DVD in your lap on an airplane with a device no bigger than a paperback book. The world is changing, and the old folks, it seems, don’t like it very much. Then again, their old folks didn’t like the way their world changed, and it did, anyway.


Initially, I was going to put Iraq, Isreal, Iran, and the rest of the middle east in the same group, but I think both Iraq and Isreal both warrant their own groupings. Unless you’ve been living under some media-deprived rock the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard about the fighting in both Iraq and Isreal. We’ll focus on Isreal a bit later. Iraq, it seems, is quickly becoming the bain of this administration’s existence. The country is virtually split in half over support of this war. The country was split in half even before the war; half of us wanted to go in and take Sadaam out, and the other half wanted to wait for the UN’s inspection to be done. I was, and still am, part of that “other group”. Yes, I will agree with anyone that Sadaam was a nut job that needed to be taken out, but what I didn’t like was the fact that we, as a country and a world community, were lied to by Bush over the reason why. If he had told us initially that he was going after Sadaam, I honestly believe the country would’ve been far less divided over a war.

Fast foward three years and three months from Bush’s infamous carrier landing and his “Mission Accomplished” speach), and we’re still there, still fighting, and still loosing American lives. Gone is the initial “he’s got weapons of mass distruction” (the infamous WMD defense). Now the reason is much more obscure. Are we there because they still haven’t elected a full government, or is it the fact that we can’t seem to solve the insurgent problem? Whatever the reason is, it’s causing families to loose sons, wives to loose husbands, and children to loose fathers. To date there have been 2584 deaths in Iraq, and that’s just from the US military. From March 2003 to the end of July 2006 is 40 months. That’s 64 deaths US deaths a month. That’s more than two deaths a day.

Two US military casualties a day for 40 months.

Now before you run off and say I’m unpatriotic, know that I too have served my country in the military (Navy RULES!), and I wholeheartedly support our men and women who are over their, putting thier lives on the line. I have no problem with our military, I have no problem with our country going to war for the right reasons. In this case, it’s the reason and the moron behind the reason I just don’t support. But I do wish our military people “happy hunting and a safe return”.

Iran and North Korea

These two countries just don’t get it. Iran is blatantly ignoring the world’s cry to stop it’s uranium inrichment program and North Korea is shooting off missles like it’s their private July 4 party. I honestly don’t see how pissing off the world is going to get you what you want. As a person, or as a country, the same rules apply. To get what you want, you have to play nice. This way, everyone wins. You get what you want, and the other guy doesn’t get blood on his hands. But running around shooting missles over Japan and ignoring sound advice from the world leaders is not a very good way, in my opinion, to get in everyone’s good graces. Neither is calling the Holocost a myth. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korean President Kim Jong Il are on thin ice. World leaders will take only so much before action is taken. In the case of Iran, I do believe that Iran is calling the world’s collective bluff. Kim Jong Ill, on the other hand, appears to be serious about using nuclear and chemical/biological tipped missles. Mark my word, this isn’t going to be pretty anyway you look at it.

Isreal and Lebanon

There really isn’t anything new here, though they’ve both been in the news the past few days. These two groups of people have been fighting tooth and nail since before Isreal was even a country. In fact, they’ve been fighting since before anyone reading this was born. That little fact there should let you know that there really is no stopping this thing. Each countrie’s crops are waterd with the other’s blood. Yes, it’s been that bad for years. Now Lebanon has a new government that’s keen on carrying on a centuries-old war. Isreal is doing it’s best to protect its people and fight back at the same time. The truth is, I really see no end to this. No amount of talking will calm either side down. They have been fighting, quite literally, for hundreds of years…what’s a few more months?


WTF, mate??


~ by Deuce on August 4, 2006.

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