Black == Lazy

Now, before the world comes to a screeching halt, let me explain the title. This expression is not a declarative statement. It is a question. Anyone who’s taken any level of computer programming can tell you that this expression can return one of two values, true or false. Having said that, the question reads “does black equal lazy?” The train of thought that led me to this question began one night at Wal-mart. I was there on a late-night ice cream run and on my way out of the door when I saw three young African American ladies walking into the store. The first young lady was wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. The second young lady had on a tank-top and shorts. It was the third young lady’s outfit that really surprised and outraged me. She had on what looked like a night gown with fuzzy slippers. Now what really outraged me about this was the fact that she wasn’t an any notable rush. There seemed to be no emergency or sense of urgency about her. “Why then”, I asked myself “does she look like she just rolled out of bed?” The only answer I could think of to justify her appearance would be the fact that she didn’t deem it necessary to change out of house clothes into something more suitable. Whatever she was after, if it didn’t warrant a change in clothes, did it really warrant the drive, the time spent lookinig for it, and the money to purchase it? If it’s not worth two minutes to change clothes, then I would suggest that it really wasn’t needed right then and their.

After thinking about this on my way home, I began to think about other African-Americans of my generation. Having attended a HBCU (Historically Black College/University) myself, I know many of the arguments/mindsets/belief systems held by many black people my age. Countelss are the times I’ve heard “the white man” blamed for all that ails black people. Yes, the system is unfair, unbalanced, and essentially broken, but it’s not broken beyond repair; neither is it impossible to excell and succeed under the current system. To do so just takes work.

I must admit, I’ve been working on this post for some few weeks now, trying to find exactly what I want to say about the subject, only to find there is so much to say. No, I don’t hate my own race, but I do hate that so many in my race choose to use their status as a minority as a crutch. Where’s the honor in that? So it’s harder to be black than it is to be white…so what. Numerous blacks have bucked the system to become prominent, wealthy, and respected in both the African American community and the majority white community. Most of them have been labeled as “sell-outs” or “tokens”. I was once called such things, and I still here them from certain people from time to time. If being scholastically successful, financially secure, well-read, and well-spoken makes me a “token” or “sell-out”, then I would submit someone who is “truly black” or whatever the opposite of a token or sell-out is would be the opposite of successful, financially secure, well-read, and well-spoken. Yes, I’m no thug, hoodie, OG, or any of that, but I am secure in my blackness; but I digress…

…Too many times have I witnessed young blacks blame others for their problems. If there’s one thing I will take from all the lessions of my mother, it is this: If you don’t like your situation, change what you’re doing and change it. Complaining about it, and blaming others certainly won’t change one’s station in life. Likewise, complaing about the fact that whites have it easier in this country than any other group won’t change the system and it certainly won’t help your cause of “getting out of the hood”. Trust me on this. I was born in the “hood” as it were, and only after 11 years of my (then single) mom working two and three jobs at a time did we finally start to “move on up in the world”. It’s after living through this that the sight of that young woman in that Walmart that night really infuriated me. We, as a race, have worked too hard to be miss represented by the lazy among us, and make no mistake about it; all many white people need is that one example for them to say “well, that’s just black people for you. Too lazy to put on decient clothes“. My mom, who is the most profound person I know, said in her customarily profound way “If you don’t like being shot at, why give the enemy amunition?

Now before I loose what few white readers I have left at this point, let me assure you that neither my mother nor I view all whites as enemys of the black race, but her point is a valid one: Why give the system the means to discriminate against you? The answer to that is simple: How can you stop something that is viewed as being “true to yourself and your race?” Sounds confusing, I know, but that’s the whole point. Our self-image as a race has to change. Yes, our ancesters were victims of a great injustice, but as long as we view ourselves, in this day and age, as victims, we will never be equal.

So back to the original question: Black==Lazy. In retrospect, I think the question may be too broad to answer. In one sense, the answer is no, Black != Lazy (read black does not equal lazy…more computer stuff). I do know of many African-Americans who work hard to achieve what they have, and are working harder to achieve more. On the other hand, there are those who choose to do nothing and blame the white world for their problems. These are the onse you see habitually relying on welfare to feed themselves and their children. These are the ones you see uneducated, unemployed, and unmotivated to change; In this case, the answer is a resounding yes. But there is hope. Like MTV says The Know is Spreading.


~ by Deuce on August 23, 2006.

70 Responses to “Black == Lazy”

  1. It’s not politically correct, but Blacks have a substantially lower IQ than most races.

    I looked this topic after fighting with my Black co-worker who didn’t want to give patients service they needed. In face, when Obama became presidetnt, she said: “Now I don’t have to work anymore”.

    Sadly, it’s genetic. It’s DNA.

  2. same here i have a black co-worker and he is so fucking lazy and frustrating to work with , and even when he does work hes constantly bitching and moaning about it.. i search black are lazy on google and got this

  3. I have had the misfortune of working with niggers before. Every one of them have been so lazy that if they thought they could stop breathing without dieing (because it’s too much work) they would try. They need to do as Bill Cosby suggested and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and quit waiting for handouts from people who work for a living, and what is with the stupid names they give to their kids. Like they say, if you want to starve a nigger, just hide his food stamps under his work boots.

  4. This has long been a constant thought about subject for me and I have come up with this soultion to blacks being lazy!

    It is a fact that blacks are paid less for the same work as whites. Black unemployment is also higher than white unemployment. 9:18 PM

    Is it simply that our race is currupt? I think so!

    But why have we become this way and why do we allow it to bind us?

    freed slaves worked less hard upon receiving their freedom. This is predictable since a slave owner puts the highest value on the work output of a slave, whereas the slave values leisure highest (if all else is the same). Of course, all else was not the same. The slave-holder was free to use violence and imprisonment against the slave, whereas the slave only had underwork and escape.
    that means that they didnt do the work

    Ok well I do believe that whites see their parents prospering and therefore believe at an early age that they can indeed achieve all that they persue but as far as blacks-majority arent succeeding and when we look around us and see that-we are perhaps lazy because nothing around us is prospering in our race. So even if our mother tells us we can be/do whatever we put our minds too-it is hard for us to take in unless we are pushed

    So it’s not neccesarily that we are lazy but rather we dont see any reason to persue in life because by looking around us we see or take on an understanding that we (blacks) arent going anyfurther than we have thus far-so we become lazy

    • I agree with you to a certain degree, there is not enough support and encouragement for blacks to succeed but the only way it will ever change is if people never give up on themselves despite the odds! even though it feels like shovelling shit up hill! facing adversities is what makes life and what you do with it real.

      • Just read your own comment. The answer to why is there, but not as you think. I’ll tell you – you are displaying the attitude that has kept blacks in the gutter in every nation on the planet – EXCUSES EXCUSES!!! Slavery this, racism that, not enough opportunities, not enough help, victim victim and a million other reasons not to take responsibility for yourself. Reality is slavery was way over exaggerated, is OVER, and you were never a part of it. Also reality that no other ethnic group gets more support, charity, positive discrimination, and help than blacks – but it’s NEVER enough. This is not just in America it’s in every country, even in countries of non-blacks who were themselves enslaved and imported blacks with utter graciousness, the blacks have sank to the bottom and look for handouts. I’m Irish and in 10 years of black immigration I can already see it happening. They do nothing but pop out kids (by the dozen), draw welfare, listen to hip hop, and walk around with shitty attitudes. And still they have everything handed to them – makes me sick. It’s new in Ireland and the general population who don’t know any better are still welcoming these useless thugs with open arms. We are infested and it’s too late to change it. The more arrive the more cheeky they become. Now they’re telling us it’s OUR fault Africa was colonised despite the fact we fought an 800 year war against colonisation of our own nation, and were never in any position to colonise anyone else! That’s the ignorance we’re facing. So by their logic they are entitled to sponge off our state (yep, they make up more excuses). Won’t be long before this bs gets recorded a true history, along with their retarded notion that the Irish came from black Egyptians, and somehow changed color. They, and Roma gypsies, are the most useless citizens ever, brought here by the same corrupt government that bankrupted our nation so they could line their own pockets. My lovely neighbourhood I enjoy so much is now littered with them and is becoming unlivable. All I can hear all day is fucking dumb hip hop, and people shouting. Now there’s freaking Arab everywhere too, they’ve even built a mosque and the place is nothing but tacky kebab and Internet shops. Last week I got the bus and couldn’t freaking breath for the smell of sweat, onions, and shit around me, listening to them shout their moustached faces off – and that’s just the women!

        I’m just gonna move, fuck it. As you can see I’m very stressed as a result of all this! 🙂

        Keep pushing on the Irish however black man, he’s very tolerant. You’re gonna see what happens when you push him too far.

  5. I’m really tired of working with a bunch of lazy blacks. Every single one of them are the same, loud mouth, lazy, dumb, stupid, back stabbing yard apes. It’s no wonder why they love government jobs. If you’re a nigger, you’re basically “in” for life. The supervisors can’t or do not want to touch them for fear of being called racist. I’m sick of lazy niggers.

  6. For every one black person in america, there’s about 500 niggers standing around bitching with their hand out. Having lots of kids just so the government will house them feed them n pay them. Why is it blacks have been here for over 200 years and are still a major strain on the economy; yet anyone from a different country will come here and within 10 years be thriving productive citizens? (Even if they’re english is still horrible.) Niggers are not the minority, black people are. How often do you see a polite well mannered black person? Hardly ever! For the most part they just want a handout, if they have to work they’re the dope man and think that’s real work. Get off your black ass get a job and get out the projects. The only way to better yourself is to put forth the effort to try. Without it your just some nigger on the steps with a 40 oz. If I offended anyone, tough shit. If you didn’t wanna hear me shouldn’t have left a spot for a reply.

  7. To be honest what i hate is when somebody states a question like this in others sites, black people just get pisses off for being told the truth. is not about discrimination is avout the facts, htey could assume and try to better but when somebody is honest they seem to be discriminated why ? every culture has defects but the question is Black people equal lazy and the true is right.

  8. I have worked with black females and they are so lazy. Not only that, they lie a lot shamelessly that I could puke at their faces. They are sickening! They are friendly to you as long as they can get what they want, then they get mad when they are told to do their jobs. They are also loudmouths. I have seen this pattern, and I don’t think it is stereotyping. Their attitudes must have been passed on from one generation to the other that’s why they are like that.

  9. Like Coleen, I Googled “are blacks lazy?” This article and comments have been interesting. I live in white catholic french Canada and there’s not a single black. That said, why was New Orleans such a mess? Why does Fannie Mae need so much help? Why do 30,000 blacks line up for rent reductions? Why all the drugs, prison numbers, gangs…geezz enough is enough!

  10. I just started a new job and there’s only one black worker there (an old man) and the first thing I thought was: YES. I am not prejiduce but when it comes to working with black people I just hate it. Most of them are lazy and worthless with horrible attitudes!

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