This is What Happens:

This is what happens when you ignore current world events in favor of perpetuating a war on a country that has next-to-nothing to do with current national security (except oil).  “This” is North Korea’s first ever nuclear test.

Yes, that same North Korea that hates the U.S. so much and who’s vertically challenged leader (he’s all of 5’3) is actually crazy enough to shoot rockets over the Japaneese mainland to test varying rocket designs.

Kim Jong Il made it a not-so-little-known fact that N.Korea intends on researching, building, and ulitmately testing, a nuclear missile big and powerful enough to reach Alaska and California, a fact the U.S. has swept under the rug for months.  Instead, we’ve been focused on this so-called “War on Terrorisim” which, if you ask me, is turning out to be one man’s vendetta against Islam.  All the while, North Korea (and Iran) have continually laughed in the face of the U.S. and other world powerhouses that have called on them to halt their uranium enrichment programs for the sake of world peace.

Well, “this” is what happens when those calls go ignored.  “This” is is what happens when the people who issued those calls do nothing to those who ignore them.  Even before Kim Il Sung died (Kim Jong Il’s father) the U.S. knew that his son, and eventuall sucessor, was a little “south of mentally normal”.

“This” is what happens when all the intelligence that tells you he’s a danger, a loose cannon, and needs to be dealt with goes ignored and unheaded for too long.  Now they have the capability.  They have the upper hand, and we gave it to them.  Our inaction to either deal with North Korea on a large scale, or just it’s crazy leader on a more “intimate” scale has lead to this qute humongous national security risk.  Make no mistake about it: this is no Castro, we’re dealing with; no cuban missile crisis.  No amount of talking, bartering, barracading, or blockading will convince Kim Jong Il to play fair.  “This” is the true face of terrorisim.

On the Flipside:

While North Korea is busy making its introduction into the nuclear community, Iran is busy preparing itsself to make similar introductions.  Iran, taking the N.Korea-esque approach, has all but dared the U.S. and the world at large to force Iran to stop it’s uranium enrichment program, saying it’s for “peacefull purposes”.  If making weapons-grade uranium and plutonium is “peacefull” then I guess I’m the most violent person on earth. Meanwhile, the U.S. again chooses to focus it’s efforts more on Iraq and that whole debacle more than it does the real threats national security and world peace.

I’m no politician,  nor do I make any claims to understand every iota of political reasoning behind what we, as a country, decide to do about the nuclear-armed crazies of the world, but I do know ineptatude when I see it, and I’m calling “this” a severe case of our leaders being too inept (or too lazy/apathetic, which is just as bad) to do anything about it.



~ by Deuce on October 8, 2006.

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