Run, Barak, Run!!

I’m not one to jump on any political bandwagon whatsoever, but in this case, I may have to part with my old ways for the sake of the greater good. It’s no small fact that this past weekend, Barak Obama hinted that he was thinking of running for president in ’08.

Just a hint at a thought, and just look at the media circus that’s erupted over this. I say that makes him a legit contender….right now.

Let’s face it, we’ve been let down before with the promise of the bright, young, untainted mind that’s good enough lead the country. He has the charisma to have at least the majority of a major political party to back him in this endeavour, as well as the adoration of many outside his own party. He has all the makings of a great, young contender.

It should also be said that he’s really the first serious contender that’s really representative of America. As ABC’s World News Tonight put it “He’s got a mother from Kenya and a father from Kansas”. He represents everything that is America. Personally, I hope many African American voters really take a long, hard look at Obama in the hopes that this promising young man can spur them to do something that most of them don’t do, and that’s vote.

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend about why the African American voter turn out has been, and continues to be, lower than it should. After all, wasn’t the point of all those marches, protests, and sit-ins to have a voice that’s actually heard in the politically realm? I say it was, and now that we have said voice, we refuse, in large quantities, to speak up and say anything. The main point of disagreement between my friend and I wasn’t the fact that black voter turn out is low; any dolt can see that. The main point was why black voter turn out was, and continues to be so low. My friend’s main point was that if blacks voted, the system would change by the fact that people who are sympathetic and understanding of African American issues in this country would be in a position to make a positive change in those issues. My main point was that we, as a people, have been lied to and swindled by politicians for so long that, for the most part, we have become disenchanted with the notion that the system can work properly at all, let alone work properly for a minority group of people; thus many African Americna’s fail to see the point in voting.

But there is hope.

I do believe that if there was someone who truly understood the African American point of view on the many issues facing the African American community, AND was a serious enough contender (and not those wanna-be republican black guys), then I’d say we’d come out in droves to support them, for in supporting them, we’re supporting hope that things will get better.

Me?  I say Run, Barak, Run.



~ by Deuce on October 24, 2006.

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