Big Changes

Honestly, I believe we all knew it was coming in one form or fashion, but I really didn’t expect it to happen like this. As my father would say, the Dem’s came in like “gangbusters” and just ruined the Republican’s day. The way it stands right now, the Dem’s have a commanding majority in the House and, as of right now, the Senate is split 49-49 between the Republicans and Democrats, with two Independent Senators who say they’ll caucus with the Democrats. It’s not quite the all-out majority-ship the Dem’s were hoping for, but it’ll suffice, I’m sure.

Many people are seeing the next two years as sort of a “shakedown” period for the Dems to see if their ideas and strategies on and about running this country works any better than the previous strategies and ideas. If all goes well for the Democrats, then I would suggest that they have a rather strong case for making a serious run for the House in 2008. On the other hand, those who do not think this is a shakedown period for the Dems tend to think that the race wasn’t won by the Democrats, but rather lost by the Republicans. With the unusually long list of scandals that rocked the GOP (Delay, Foley-file, among other, “smaller” ones), the GOP certainly laid out the red carpet for the Dems, but I still contend it was the Dems carpet to walk down, regardless. From the pulse I was getting not only around my heavily Blue school, but in the media and from other, more ‘Red’ sources, the general populous was ready for a change. After 9-11, The War on Terror, Afghanistan, and six years of a plummeting economy, Americans, it seems, have finally had enough.

Not since 1994 have we slept under the light of a Democratic moon, as it were, but this, it seems, is one of those “once in a blue-moon” moments. Time will tell whether or not the Dem’s really have what it takes to turn things around. Many people have complained in the past about how Republicans and Democrats are moving steadily toward each other in ideologies and views. However, this race, more than most, was almost purely about the failure of one party and it’s ways and how different the “other guys” really are.

As I said, time will tell.



~ by Deuce on November 9, 2006.

One Response to “Big Changes”

  1. I wish I thought it would be more than “politics as usual”, but I’m too cynical for that. I’m still glad my local goon, George Allen, lost.

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