Mad Season in a Mad World

The Christmas rush is in full swing a little earlier this year. What’s the hottest ticket? Playstation 3, without a doubt. So much so, that people are being robbed, shot, and trampled just to get at the (intentionally?) short supply of consoles in stores early last Friday (CNN has the story here).

All of this, so already overweight and near brain-dead kids can sit in front of the TV for hours on end getting fatter and more brain-dead by the second, and for what? Cool graphics, motion-controlled controllers and the latest games? Whatever happened to the ‘outside’ games like tag, hide-n-seek, and red rover?

I seriously wonder about the future of our nation, and it being run by kids raised by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Sure, it’s easier for parents to buy an electronic baby sitter, but when little Johnny needs a job, I assure you playing Gears of War won’t be a marketable skill. This is not to say all gaming consoles are from hell (I do own an XBox and plan on buying a 360 soon) and will do us in. They certainly have their place in our society, but not as a replacement, I believe, for good, active, outdoor activities that get kids (and some adults) more active and healthy (personally, I like to scuba dive)

In Other News:
-Tom and Katy are getting married. Good luck to her in dealing with him.

Casion Royal opens in theaters this weekend. The new James Bond looks a bit…blonde for me, but all the reviews are saying that this could really bring the franchise back from the brink it’s been playing with the past few films, so I guess I’ll give him a try…look for a review here soon.

– Next week is Thanksgiving. I’m wishing all of you a safe holidays and please. Watch out for the other driver, and try not to kill the person standing in line next to you at the ticket counter of the airport…


P.S. I did promise someone a post on HBCUs and my experience with them, and I’ll get around to writing that soon.


~ by Deuce on November 20, 2006.

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