Christmas, Peace, and Stupid Christians

There’s a story in the Offbeat section of CNN that tells of a certain woman, a Christmas wreath in the shape of a peace symbol, and some really stupid Christians.

The story tells of Lisa Jensen, a resident of the Loma Linda neighborhood in Pagosa Springs, CO, who hung a wreath in the shape of a peace sign on her property.  Now, the Loma Linda Homeowners Association is fining Ms. Jensen $25 a day until she takes down the wreath.  H/A President Bob Kearns told CNN that a few residents even complained that the peace symbol is really a Satanic symbol.  Clearly, they didn’t bother to do a little reasearch before tagging the sign as Satanic.  Mr. Kearns also expressed his, as well as other homeowners, concerns that the symbolic wreath is really a statement against the war in Iraq.  Ms. Jensen, in her defense, says that she wasn’t thinking about the war when she put up the wreath, only that she wanted peace on earth for Christmas.

Ms. Jensen also brings up a good point.  Even though she has no plans to take down the wreath, she asked the questions “What if they don’t like my Santa Claus?”  Any good Christian will tell you that Jolly Ol’ St. Nick was actually patterned after the actual St. Nicholas who lived in the third century.  Many people seem to think that our present Christmas Day is so to honor the anniversary of his death (December 6, AD 343), when, in actuality, December 25 was chosen due to it’s proximity to the winter solstice.  Why is the shortest day of the year so important?  Well, during their conquest of all things pagan, the Roman Catholic Church and it’s leaders in the Vatican thought it would be easier to convince pagan beliefs to convert to Catholicism if they had a substitute celebration.  Until that time, Christmas was celebrated earlier in the year.  Once the decision was made, Christmas was permanently moved to December 25, and the Roman Conquest continued.

I say all of that to say this:  Before accusing this lady of hanging satanic symbols on her walls, the people of Loma Linda should’ve done a little research.  Now, they just appear to be idiotic, intolerant, and some of the dumbest Christians I’ve ever seen.



~ by Deuce on November 28, 2006.

One Response to “Christmas, Peace, and Stupid Christians”

  1. Wow, I must defend the right of this neighborhood board to make their residences do what they please but, a
    satanic symbol is a peace sign? This is downright stupid! However, some christians seem to hate anything they
    don’t understand. and being a christian I feel embarrassed.

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