O Come, All Ye Black Folk

The following is the so-called “carol” printed in Tufts University’s Primary Source magazine. The magazine is a student-run publication that’s paid for by “activities fee” that’s assess all current students of Tufts. The following is the “carol” in whole:

“O Come All Ye Black Folk
Boisterous yet Desirable
O come ye, O come ye to our University
Come and we will admit you,
Born in to oppression;
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
Fifty-two black freshman.

O Sing, gospel choirs,
We will accept your children,
No matter what your grades are, F’s, D’s, or G’s,
Give them all privileged status; We will welcome all.
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
Fifty-two black freshman.

All come! Blacks, we need you,
Born into the ghetto.
O Jesus!We need you now to fill our racial quotas.
Descendants of Africa, with brown skin arriving:
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
O come let us accept them,
Fifty-two black freshman.”

There is quite the large discussion going on at the publication’s website. To their credit, a half-hearted apology was made and the particular “carol” was since removed (but not before being plastered all over the web, here included).

As you can imagine, there are many views on the subject, mainly divided into pro-affirmative action and anti-affirmative action (based on what I’ve seen at the Primary Source’s website). Usually I have a pretty clear-cut and defined opinion on things, but this time, I seem to be playing the classic fence sitter. Firstly, I think it’s important to know that I have always been an overachiever. Anything I’ve decided I wanted to do, whether academically, physically, or otherwise, I’ve done it, and usually without too much trouble or sweat. I can’t honestly say that I’ve been admitted to any program based solely on my “minority status”. I have never received a handout, scholarship, job, or anything else, based on my “minority status”. Therefore, I can’t honestly say that I know first-hand what affirmative action “feels like’ or what it does to you or for you (‘you’ being, obviously, a minority).

I do, however, see the need for such a system. By the very fact that affirmative action exists validates the claims of millions of “black folk” across this country who say that the system is broken and needs to be fixed. With that sentiment, I whole-heartedly agree. Virtually every system and institution publicly available is some how slanted or biased towards people of “European decent”. Don’t believe me? Well, consider this: these institutions (or the institutions that would later become today’s fixtures) were first run by slave owners, ex slave owners, and those who generally viewed Africans and the first generations of African-Americans as “sub-humanoid”. Practices, formulas, and methods of operation were set in place, many with the (mostly) explicit intention of helping whites more than blacks. While most of these institutions are now forced to have integrated bathrooms and no separate doors for whites and blacks, many of the racist foundations these institutions are based on are still in place.

One comment made at the Tuft’s website listed above was that blacks enjoy the same educational opportunities as whites do, especially in public schools. Which is obviously true because everyone knows about the waiting list of highly qualified teachers who can’t wait to teach at inner-city schools (please, please note the heavy sarcasm). We also know that these inner city teachers get paid the same as their suburban counterparts by the states in which they serve. We also know that the predominantly black schools get the same budget as predominantly white schools, and therefore have the same brand-new text books and buildings that the mostly white schools have (again, dripping with sarcasm).

So I guess I’m not sitting quite so evenly on the fence as I thought I was.

I’ll end this entry with this thought: For all the white people out there who think that affirmative action is racist, skips over well-qualified applicants for jobs and school just to fill some strict, state-enforced quota system (which has been abolished, by the way), or only concerns blacks and whites (it’s meant for all minorities, in case you didn’t know) I say this: welcome to our world.


~ by Deuce on December 17, 2006.

9 Responses to “O Come, All Ye Black Folk”

  1. Great post =]

  2. If you can’t pay the bill, go home. Going to school at a top ten isn’t just about washing dishes so you can go to class on an academic grant, it’s about social networking. People can try to force blue blood out, but blood is blood and people at the top are staying there whether we like it or not.

    Everyone’s fighting for these stupid places in institutions where their social impotence renders their newly found academic skills practically useless. Forget the American Dream, it is dead. In fact, it never existed. It was just a bunch of priviledged whites taking advantage of a culture that hadn’t discovered gunpowder or written history.

    Stop fighting to get into garbage. Realize that the top of society will remain the top until further notice, but without a bottom there will be no top. If you are so offended and feel so lonely and isolated by being someplace you are on the basis of what you think it’s future will do for you try doing something with your life that you enjoy and care about. If people want to be racist, let them. Stop trying to play in the sandbox if you don’t like sand in your eyes.

    Forget the dream. Define your life outside of the institutional racism that caused you to glorify a college where you don’t belong and are simply an AA number. Move on, this is America- we’re about money now. That’s just all there is to it.

  3. Your “welcome to our world” quip says it all. In the spirit of the “three stooges”, you adopt the philosophy that if Curly does something wrong, Larry deserves a poke in the eye. After all, they are both stooges, right?

  4. […] panel to tell them that editors at a conservative student journal harassed blacks when they printed this “parody” Christmas carol. […]

  5. Affirmative action based on color is a joke and proof that the system is unfair and racist. People who are minorities demand equal rights and then some. How is that fair? There are plenty of whites in America who either cant afford or dont have access to good schools. Why don’t they enjoy the benefits put in place to serve ethnic minorities? Especially considering that throughout our history these are the people we send to fight our wars, and not just the idiotic ones like Iraq, but the good ones like WWI and WWII. While it is true that a couple hundred years ago these places were started by racist whites, it doesn’t apply today. White people are so scared of the backlash for saying anything remotely “racist” that they’re too scared to do anything but heap love on everybody. Frankly, I find it to be a refreshing change of pace that these guys from the student magazine published that carol. God knows we have to put up with being the butt of ridicule everyday, whether it be in comedy or in song (rap). I’m not saying everybody should start making racist remarks to be funny now, but there has to be a balance or else one side becomes racist and, frankly, the balance tipped along time ago towards ethnic minorities. I mean Don Imus gets fired, these guys from the student paper get flack and all the while the racist Rev. Al Sharpton is still given the spotlight (he is racist. Check online and you will find numerous rants about Jews. He even called a politician in NYC a ni$#er whore!). So where does it end? Maybe we should only make fart jokes now, that way no one will get offended. Anywho, seems to me like the whites are getting to much of the stick from the media. LONG LIVE SOUTHPARK!!!

  6. i think this article says exactly what needs to be said to the ignorant and ill-informed, if it were not for people like the one who wrote the above atrocity there would be no need for any system to help minorities advance, because we’d all be working together in order to help humanity advance.

  7. Well written. Generally I don’t even like the label “affirmative action” that is attached to many of the resources available specifically to minorities. I guess there is that whole “quota” stigma attached to it, and I guess many people in the majority won’t bother to look into, and question, matters they feel they already know.

    I just wonder where the backlash like this is coming from. I heard a story on CNN several weeks back (by chance, I’m Canadian and I generally avoid the channel) about a scholarship implemented by a college in Boston. The scholarship was funded by the student republican party and was for ‘whites only’ the point being that segregated scholarships (aka minority scholarships) were unfair. There was even a clip of Bush weighing in on the topic saying newly discriminatory methods should not be implimented to acheive equality, or some such.

    It’s obviously touchy ground. What I thought after hearing all that and again while reading this is that equality is rubbish. There is a desperate need to make amends for generations of exploitation and degredation, and in the brief time that our societies have tried to reach such goals we still have a long, long, way to go. I wounder though if we will ever get there, because fairness and equality aren’t inherent to life. And as people realise it is not so simple as giving without sacrifice or sometimes taking the lesser position, I don’t think they like the whole idea as much.

    Perhaps this is still about power, and maybe there is still a divide between us as humans any time we try and address issues by using colour or heritage as a distinction. Naturally that also does nothing to help minorities. Ah well, sorry to end up rambling here. Thanks for posting this.

  8. I found it both derogatory and discriminatory. Ask any white student at a school that has affirmative action who affirmative action effects, you’ll get a majority of answers pointing out only blacks and whites. Like I (hope I) pointed out here, affirmative action was set in place to help all minorities, not only African Americans. I also find it highly offensive that many of the white people complaining about AA due so only in reference to the number of blacks on their campus.

    It seems as if they’re ok with being skipped over by an Asian, Native American, or Hispanic person, but skip them with a Black person, and you’d think the world had come to an end. There’s definitely a double standard here.

    I understand what it’s like to be an only minority in the classroom. Many of my classes at Mississippi State were that way, and like you, I got in due to my grades (though it wasn’t the first university I attended).

  9. Did you find that carol a bit derogatory? I found it somewhat discriminatory. My school, UNH, has few minority students compared to whites. I’m a minority, I’m Asian, and I feel I’m the only minority student in most if not all my classes. I didn’t get into my college because of my ethnicity, I got in because of my grades and my personal essay.

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