Taking Stock of 2006

This past year of 2006 has seen some extraordinary events take place:

Millions of young boys (and some dirty older men) got the chance of a life time to look at Britney’s private parts

The Space Shuttle launched for the first time on July 4. Also, the first night launch of the shuttle in over 3 years took place this year.

Brad and Angelina brought a baby into the world

Gerald Ford, James Brown, and Saddam Hussein all saw their last day dawn in 2006.

It’s been an interesting year, for sure. Surely, 2007 has even more in store (one could only hope).

Now, about this whole Saddam Video business.

Firstly, no one was really that concerned with curtailing rouge videographers from taping the execution; a simple metal detector would’ve taken care of that. Besides, the Iraqi government was taping it anyway, and that was sure to leak sooner or later. As expected, the “homemade” video of the ever-defiant Saddam’s “short drop and a sudden stop” has made the rounds on Google video (which I’ve seen), here at wordpress (which I’ve also seen), and soon, to be sure, on YouTube. As of yet, I haven’t heard any word about WordPress, Google, or YouTube banning the video from their servers. I can tell you that for the most part, the video is grainy, shaky, and quite unclear. Even the moment of death is obscured (it did happen rather suddenly and in mid-sentence). All that is really visible is the beginning of the drop. By the time the cell-camera reacquires Saddam, his face is clearly blank, his eyes are lifeless or quickly getting to that point; it’s something I can’t quite tell from the video.

This much is sure, this is sure to eclipse Britney’s Crotch, Brangelina and their baby, TomKat’s baby, even the death of an American President will play second fiddle to the rather quick and unremarkable demise of one of the world’s most notorious dictators. Most will agree that Saddam finally met the fate that he deserved. Others will say it was done too quickly. Still others will say the timing was totally tasteless (at the start of the Sunni holy month…the Shite month didn’t start until the day after Saddam was hanged). Whatever your thoughts on the subject, I’m willing to bet that most of you will remember December 2006 as the month Saddam Hussein finally got his just dues.

Will this change any thing in Iraq? Some say yes, some say no, others say it will embolden the insurgency. I’m not quite sure at this point in time. Surely, there are those out there who supported Saddam, though these people tend to be centered around his hometown of Tikrit. It will be interesting to see exactly all of this brings about in 2007. Coupled with the new Democratic Congress, this could really spell big changes for Iraq.

But then again, we’ve all heard that line before.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I didn’t post the video of Saddam’s Execution, well, call it a matter of taste. Not that any other blog/website that posts it is tasteless, it’s just that it’s EVERYWHERE. It’s like the photos of Britney; if you can’t find it, God help you. Also, I’m secretly hoping the state-shot video will be leaked. That promises to be a much clearer picture. Why wait for it? Well, let’s just say that part of me doesn’t fully trust what I can’t fully see. We know that Saddam has been known to use look-a-likes for public appearances before; and while DNA testing proved he was, in fact, related to two US-produced corpses a few years ago, I wouldn’t totally bet on the fact that he’s dead just yet. Perhaps I’m playing the Doubting Thomas here; but then again, there hasn’t been one day since I’ve been alive where that man has been causing a pain in someone’s posterior. That is, until yesterday.



~ by Deuce on January 2, 2007.

One Response to “Taking Stock of 2006”

  1. We also lost Don Knotts this year 😦

    Why would they execute him in Iraq when they know he had lookalikes there?

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