A New Video shows a Bruised Saddam

It seems this story will never end. A new cell phone video has surfaced showing Saddam post-hanging. Apparently, there’s a few gory things to behold, such as a gaping neck wound and multiple bruises on his face. CNN (as well as some other medical people) suggest that the neck wound could’ve occurred during the actual hanging. The facial bruising, however, is a bit more suspicious.

CNN reports that upon reviewing the original hanging video, no facial bruising or disfigurement is evident (a clear shot of Saddam’s face is shown while he’s still in the noose). Fast forward to this new video, and it’s evident that Saddam’s face met with some object at slightly more than casual speeds. CNN speculates that the trapdoor of the gallows may not have been wide enough, causing Saddam to smack his head on the way down. Other viewers of the new video are suggesting something a bit more sinister, and something I personally could see happening. Given the strong presence of Shiite guards and onlookers at this Sunni’s execution, I would not be surprised to learn that a degree of “postmortem trauma” took place.

It’s painfully obvious from the first video that the atmosphere in the execution chamber was slightly less than respectful as Saddam was placed into the noose and allowed a precious few last breaths. At this point, Saddam starts what I call the Islamic version of the Hail Mary prayer, which he’s allowed to get through completely. The second time, however, he’s abruptly cut off midway. Ironically (or not, depending on your view of things) his last word was “Muhammad”. Throughout this whole time, Shiite guards can be heard shouting at Saddam, taunting him about a Shiite cleric Saddam had jailed and executed. Starting from there and going to a postmortem beating is not that far of a stretch in my mind.

View it however you like, but I believe this execution was more vengeful in nature than anything else. Was justice served? Well, in a way, yes. I do believe Saddam “The Butcher of Baghdad” Hussein deserved to die for his crimes. However, the manner in which it was allowed to take place was totally disrespectful. In the end, I believe his death does more harm than good. Wider, now, is the divide between the Sunni and Shiite sects. It’s an age-old war that’s just gotten a brand-new martyr.



~ by Deuce on January 10, 2007.

5 Responses to “A New Video shows a Bruised Saddam”

  1. I’m definitely not sad about Saddam’s death, but I do think it causes more problems than it solves. At any rate, he has some 26 year-old niece who’s pleading for her father’s and uncles’ lives now.

    Apparently her father was some General or something, and her uncles were judges under Saddam. It seems like the old “you arrest ’em, I’ll hang ’em” family past time. Anyway, they’re both set to hang, and now she’s pleading for their lives:
    “Please, dear Sir’s, enough harm was caused by hanging my uncle Saddam…that was payment enough”.

    All the while a bunch of Shiite Muslims are spinning in their mass graves…

  2. If anyone deserves the death penalty Saddam certainly did, but I definitely agree the execution was not carried out well. His death didn’t help Iraqis since he was already out of power, but now it’s fueling more violence.

  3. I saw the video, too, L/C, and it made me feel a bit sick (and sad, for some odd reason) as well. The whole situation is very only serves to inflame an already bad conflict. The largest fact is probably that he was executed that Saturday morning (Dec 30, 2006), which was the start of the Islamic holy month for the Sunnis.

    The Shiite month didn’t start until Sunday, Dec 31.

    Now this new video shows that either:
    a:) The trapdoor was built too small (which may or may not have been intentional; we’ll probably never know) or
    b:) He was beaten after his death, which is just as bad, if not worse, than a intentionally-too-small trapdoor.

    Either way, this just give new religious and political ammunition to the Sunni community to intensify their holy/political war with the Shiites, something I’m sure is to come very soon.

  4. I saw that video…I felt a little sick. Someone posted it on a forum, but within minutes the thread was deleted. What was the point of taping it?

  5. I believe recording the hanging and even the hecklers’ actions were very stupid on the Shi’a side. That either intensified an already raging war and increasing rift between the two sects or brought a great feeling of pity for Saddam; both of which are un-needed feelings.

    And now with this new finding, tensions are sure to rise even more.

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