The Heat is On

It’s official – though everyone really knew it was bound to happen anyway, but Sen. Hillary Clinton has formally announced her candidacy for president in ’08. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially since most of the political world thought she would’ve run in ’04 against Bush (many now wish she had).

Along with her announcement, Sen. Sam Brownback has also thrown his hat in the ring for this upcoming election, and, while nothing official has been said yet, New Mexico governer Bill Richardson is expected to run. Richardson, who has an appearance on ABC’s This Week tomorrow (Sun. January 21), is expected to formally announce his intentions on said program while Democrat upstart (and possibly favorite to win??) Barack Obama is expected to make his formal announcement on February 10.

This is shaping up to be the most hotly contested and most watched primary seasons in recent history. Usually, the primary’s draw a little attention from the “talking-heads” on all the news shows, but it’s always been the general election, ‘the one that counts’, that’s always been the focus. Now, it seems as if this year’s primary elections will steal the show. While little has been said of who is running on the Republican side of things (with the exception of Sen. Brownback today), the Democratic primary is turning out to be the stuff of legends. Not only do we have (for the first time) an African American with slightly better-than-even odds of winning his parties primary, but there’s also his closest competitor, a female, who is just as capable of running away with the whole thing, White House included. Then there’s the Hispanic running from New Mexico, and with the nation’s growing Latin population, he may very well be the upset factor for this primary.

The heat, as they say, is definitely on. I can’t remember an election when so many different minorities actually had such a huge presence and the opprotunity to make such a large impact. Well this year, that all changes.



~ by Deuce on January 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Heat is On”

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  2. I think Clinton is a strong candidate. But I think this rivalry between her and Obama is dividing the party. I think they should try to get along and try to unify the country. I think I’d vote for Hilary, she has had more experience than Obama. But I’m not too sure right now.

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