Hip-Hop: Poison or Art? (Part 2)

CNN seems to be waging a small war on hip-hop these days, but with the overt negativity surrounding rap and hip-hop, can anyone blame them? Certainly not me. As I stated in my earlier entry, hip-hop has definitely transformed from something positive into something negative, in my opinion.

The question today, however, is why has hip-hop made this transformation? What prompted the writing of songs like P.I.M.P., You’s a Hoe, and Mo Murda? These songs, along with countless other serve little more than to glorify objectifying women, murder, and the like. One may argue that these songs represent the degradation and downfall of the current black generation, but I, as a black man, have a slightly different theory.

In recent years, there has been a growing ‘curiosity’ in the majority of white America of “what it’s like to be black”. This has prompted TV shows like Black White and, more importantly, the suburban support of hardcore rap and hip-hop. While rap is proportionally more popular among blacks (white, by percentage, favor country and rock more than rap), a large majority of rap music is marketed to, and bought by, suburban white teenage males. There is no mistaking the correlation of image to sales, here. The more criminal, thug, hardcore, etc a rapper is made out to be, the more his or her sales skyrocket among white teens. It’s this economic juggernaut that’s the driving force behind rap music’s downfall. America (black, white, and otherwise) and its fascination with ‘thug life’ provides more than enough incentive for music moguls to peddle hardcore, womanizing music to the masses. As David Banner said on his interview with CNN, “America is sick. … America loves violence and sex”.


~ by Deuce on March 8, 2007.

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