Back To It

Well, I’m back to it (hopefully).  I’ve been incredibly busy the past few months, but the new job is settling down nicely along with life in general.  There’s been a plethora of news-worthy events over the past few days.  From ‘Baby Grace’ to Natalie Holloway’s case gaining new life…the news never stops.  There’s no way I can blog on everything that’s caught my attention since I last wrote here.  Firstly, I wouldn’t remember my gut reaction to it all, which is what my blog really is about.  All of the issues, opinions and insights I offer here are gut, spur of the moment reactions to a stimulus that hasn’t been refined, planned, or massaged in any way.  I write this way because I believe it allows the truest representation of the author’s mind and heart to be captured.

Anyway,  I’m back at it, writing about the stuff that matters (to me, at least).


~ by Deuce on November 26, 2007.

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