Spin, Spin, Spin

If you’ve been paying attention at all during this election process, you’ll know that this year, it’s all about the spin. Everything from explaining votes to comments in days/weeks/months/years past is being spun in the most positive light possible. Of course, spin control is nothing new to American politics, it’s just that with an all-out run on a soon to be vacated White House, everyone is trying to out-spin everyone else. However, what we haven’t seen alot of in American politics is pre-spin. This is when a candidate tries to put a spin on something that hasn’t happened yet. Case in point: Hillary Clinton. ABCnews.com has a story up about how Hillary’s campaign is saying (in quite the reversal of spin, I might add) that “she’s already accomplished what she needs to in Iowa, and can consider Iowa a win, even if she comes in first”.

Now, the last time I checked, I thought I knew at least two things about races:
1.) The point of any race is to finish.
2.) You have to finish first to be considered the winner of said race.

There are subtle differences, of course. If the “race” is actually a series of races where points are gained and totaled, then it is possible to come out on top and not place first in all of the comprising races. This, however, is not one of those races. This is a race to gain the support of the public which, we all know, is as stable as the Tower of Pisa is straight. L:et us also consider the fact that just a few weeks ago, her campaign was all but adamant about her need to place first in Iowa to have a real shot against Edwards and Obama.

This, perhaps, is the first sign of her campaign showing real concern about her place in the “front-runners” category on the Dem’s side. Just two days ago, Edwards, Obama and Clinton were in, according to multiple polls, a statistical tie. Fast forward to today, and at least two of those polls now show Obama with around 26-27%, Edwards with 24-25% and Clinton with as little as 23%. Given these figures, I would start to sweat a little if I were looking for permanent employment in the new Clinton White House, but there’s one small detail to mention:

They’re polls.

Now, more often than is pointed out, people tend to jump ship from one candidate to another if they see signs of weakness or a loss of ground during the early stages of a campaign. Having this poll drop Hillary from “tied for first” to “third” can be the beginning of the end. It will be interesting to watch the reports come in tomorrow.

Oh, and if you’re in Iowa and you have a chance to go caucus, do our country a favor and go caucus for who you believe to be the best candidate, GOP or Dem. If you don’t vote (and this goes for everyone else, too), don’t complain about anything, you forfeited your right to do so.


~ by Deuce on January 2, 2008.

One Response to “Spin, Spin, Spin”

  1. I agree with you on your two points about race. But I’ve heard that even if a candidate places third in a race, they could possibly do well in future races. I think I remember George Stephanopoulis (sp?) say something like that. He said that anything is possible.

    By the way, are you on facebook? I like how you can “follow” reporters on the US politics application.

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