F*CK THE POLICE!!: What the hell is wrong with Cops these days?

Link: To Protect and To Serve? Yeah Right

The above link is to my previous post about three stories of misbehaving police.  Two stories are about Robert Powell, a former officer of the Dallas Police Department.  One is the highly publicized story about the Ryan Moats traffic stop.  The other story involves the Maritza Thomas, the wife of Dallas linebacker Zach Thomas.  The third story closely mirrors the Powell-Moats story, in which an unidentified officer in Memphis prevented a man from taking his dying mother to a hospital so close, the man could see it while his mother passed away in his back seat.  To these stories, and many more like them, I say F*CK THE POLICE!!! Seriously, I know a majority of the police officers in this country have more common sense than a gnat (which is more than could be said for Robert Powell and this other officer), but you have to wonder what goes through an officer’s peanut brain when you’ve got family telling you their family members ARE DYING and they’re trying to get their to save their life.  In the case of Ryan Moats, he was the sole person able to sign resuscitation papers, which his detainment prevented him from doing.  In Wayne Ables’ case (the Memphis story), the mother’s sole chance of surviving was arriving at the hospital in Mr. Ables vehicle.  In fact, reporters have stated that the drive from Ables’ mother’s residence (where he picker her up) to the hospital would take only four minutes during midday traffic.

Wayne Ables was stopped after midnight.

In Moats-Powell incident, I can forgive the officer for the first, oh, 30 seconds of things (if that much), but after that, his stupid kicked in and, well, you should know the story by now.  Like Ron White says, you can’t fix stupid.

But for the Memphis cop…I mean, what hell?  The lady was clearly dying in the back seat of the man’s truck.  And he has the nuts to walk up to her, ask for her name and, uh, MEDICAL HISTORY?!?!  What on God’s green planet is this dude thinking?  Old lady + gasping for breath + man asking for escort to hospital = URGENT SITUATION!!!.  The thing that upsets me most about the Memphis case is that they were so close  to the hospital, they could see it.  I commend Mr. Ables for stopping;  I don’t think most people would’ve pulled over.  Perhaps he thought the officer would be sensible?  That rational certainly would’ve been feasible.  After all, don’t officers have to go through training for this particular sort of thing?

And cops wonder why the general public doesn’t trust them.  If you can’t PROTECT and SERVE the people, then what can we expect from you?  A bunch of badge-wearing, gun-waving idiots who don’t know their head from their ass?  That’s what it certainly seems like.  Surely not everyone in America has had experiences like these two, but I know there are thousands, probably millions of people out there who can recall a run-in with Officer Bad Attitude or Officer No-Brains.

I’m sure there are some of you out there who would say we should cut officers a break, they do a great service for little money, blah, blah, blah, excuse me while I play a violin for you.  If I honestly thought that the majority of officers actually cared for every segment of population equally, and all responded to situations with a touch of compassion and understanding, then I would totally agree with you, but this is a case of one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch.  Officers, in my personal experience, almost always have a chip on their shoulders about something.   In my opinion, f*ck ’em all.


~ by Deuce on April 1, 2009.

One Response to “F*CK THE POLICE!!: What the hell is wrong with Cops these days?”

  1. i agree i do not like the poice

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