For all of you movie buffs out there, you’ll recognize my pen name from Al Pacino’s movie The Recruit where he’s this seasoned CIA bloke training the next generation of spies, as it were. There’s this computer virus that spreads through electrical connections rather than through internet connections. It’s name is Ice9. The true Ice-9 (the fictional stuff) is from a book by Kurt Vonnegut called Cat’s Cradle.This Ice-9 is an allotrope* of regular ice (dubbed Ice-1) that’s solid and stable at normal earth-surface temperature and pressure (in the book, it’s melting point is somewhere around 114 degrees F). When it comes into contact with regular water, it crystallizes that water, thus having the power to destroy the earth as we know it.

I liked this idea of one small crystal having such a huge and profound effect on everything. I do see myself as this “seed crystal” and hope to bring about some meaningful change on earth…certainly more than changing all the water to ice that won’t melt.

Now, there really is stuff called Ice-IX (read ice-9), but the reall stuff can only be created with very low temps and extreme pressure…which means your coy-fish pond is safe….for now…

* An allotrope is really just an alternate molecular structure for a substance. Ice-IX is such a substance, just like Ice-II through Ice-VIII (Ice-I is the stuff in your freezer), though all of these require some pretty extreme conditions in which to exist. FYI


One Response to “Ice9”

  1. Hey man,

    Today I read a few of your articles, most of them regarding african american issues. (I came across this when searching for news on the actor’s, who played Kramar in seinfield, outrage towards some black audience members). I agree with what you have said. I live in Australia so I dont think the race issue is as serious as it is in the US, as I rarely see any black people, though there are plenty of asians (I’ve had one asian girlfriend, one eurasian girlfriend and one of my surfing mates is asian) and a few others, that can not be as easily distinguished (italians etc).

    However, over here we have aboriginals, they are often seen as lazy (like the stereotype blacks are given in the US). Though it isnt really an issue as there are not many of them, ofcourse you get the drunk, rude, aggressive ones that hang around the train stations at night but besides that the rest are either in bushland or not seen. There is an agreement among many that they often rely on pay checks from the government and have as many kids as possible to receive more cash. There is also university places given to them to participate in courses in our popular universities, such as medicine etc where the score they need to get in is ALOT less than what I would need.

    I agree with most of you on it. I also see you have a few computer references. I’ve nearly got my degree (one more semester) as a Software Engineer.

    You studying anything similar?

    I was bored and wrote that, can’t be bothered reading through it so it probably doesnt have a conclusion.

    Peace bro

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